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There's more to James Carter Optical Consulting than a single engineer. With experience comes relationships with other capable professionals that also work as technical consultants. Our services are based on collaboration with these highly specialized professionals.



Associates and Technical Consultants

Ray Williamson Consulting

Throughout 40 years in the precision optics industry, Ray Williamson has built a reputation as a practical, astute, and original problem-solver, skilled educator, and multidisciplinary advisor. His main areas of concentration include optical fabrication, metrology, polarization optics, and system configuration and design. Services include waveplate design and tolerancing, component and system troubleshooting, supplier-client liaison, technical writing, and education and formal training programs for engineers and technicians. Following his positions as Engineering Manager and Quality Manager for several well-regarded firms, he has built a consulting practice characterized by responsiveness, honesty, communication, solution-orientation, and discretion.

Please contact to discuss your situation: www.ray-optics.com

MVM Electronics Inc.

We provide research and development services to our customers in the fields of acousto-optic, electro-optic, fiber-and-integrated-optic,  and semiconductors.  We maintain close relation with our customers during various phases of design, development and manufacturing. 

MVM Electronics, Inc. has all necessary facilities to produce sophisticated AO and EO devices and systems.  Tasks involving metal and dielectric thin films deposition, large area and/or high frequency transducer fabrication, integration and optical and electrical characterization, etc. are all performed within the MVM Electronics, Inc. facilities.  We have proprietary software to design a variety of AO devices and systems to fit our customer's need.


The technical consultantcan be a very powerful instrument if chosen for the proper reasons and with clear expectations in mind.  We know that what you want most from a consultant is a complete package of specific design facts and solutions in a timely manner without surprises.

Reasons For Hiring a Technical Consultant

* You only need someone intensively for a limited period of time, or you can't justify a full-time professional.

* You want to maximize the speed and responsiveness of the technical expert on your project.

* You want to minimize overhead costs such as offices, liabilities, employee benefits, and non-productive time.

* Your project requires special expertise that is quite rare and it takes longer to develop than you are willing to wait.

* You would like another opinion on a crucial matter.

What To Expect From Your Technical Consultant

* Your consultant should provide an objective evaluation of your problem and technical goals.

* Your consultant's efforts should remain focussed on your needs, not his, and only in those areas of interest to you.

* Your consultant should keep you current on progress without becoming bothersome.

* Your consultant should deliver a complete design package including recommendations, drawings, schematics, costing, schedule, vendors, research literature, procedures and all other documentation necessary for you to implement the design.

* Your consultant should be readily available for any other follow-up or support work.

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